About Our Brand

Aby, 27 from Singapore - Founder and Owner of ABYSSH COLLECTION - Hair and Body Care Products.

A New Brand of Hair and Body Care Products for all gender. 
While the aesthetics line (such as Plastic surgery, Botox and Fillers) continues to grow over the world, it is important that we still take pride in taking continuous care of our body - skin and hair.
The human skin being the largest part of our body requires more care than we think it does. Constantly being exposed to harsh sunlight, pollution and dirt in the environment, we put our skin, hair and scalp through a lot of damage on a daily basis which then becomes more visible when we age.
While it may only take a few seconds to cover our imperfection using makeup-concealer/cosmetics and aesthetic procedures, nothing compares to having a good, glowy skin and beautiful hair by using the right Skin Care and Hair products made of Natural Ingredients that benefit us on the long run. In the end, there's no better feeling than feeling confident in our bare skin. 
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