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Turmeric Glow Moisturizer

Turmeric Glow Moisturizer

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Gayathiri Sugu
Moisturized my dry skin

I do have my own regular moisturizer. However, I purchased this to give it a try when it was on a 50% off sale.

I would say it moisturized my skin well and most importantly my skin did not react to this cream despite me having a very sensitive skin.

I do not face much acne issues hence I can't speak on its effectiveness on acne and scarring. However, it did definitely brighten my skin visibly and I was happy with my purchase.

Bimal Arivin
Refresh looking

Very great product with organic ingredient and really gives results helping the face glow and fresh in 2 weeks....going to purchase more its a must to recommend an awesome product

Brightened my skin

Been using this product for 3 months now.

Perfect for Acne and Sensitive skin. I once at a pimple and I applied this cream on it (as my usual daily skin care routine) and to my surprise, my acne 'flattened' on the same day itself! That's when I know this cream really does have skin healing/skin repairing properties!

Secondly, I like the smell of this face cream. It has a very natural turmeric smell. It suits my sensitive skin well. Didn't experience any itchiness which I have experienced with some other face products. Absorbs well into my skin and it brightened my skin. A great face cream to repair skin and give that 'clean skin' look.

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